Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chasing Rainbows: Layla Ultra Violet


Some people love cream polishes, others like shimmer polishes.  If you haven’t realized by now, I am a glitter and flakie polish person.  But there is one category of polishes that seems to appeal to all polish collectors.  That polish is the hologram effect polish. 

A friend of mine raved about the Layla Hologram Effects polishes.  She was so convinced that I would love the Layla Hologram polish she gave me one for my birthday.  I chose Layla Ultra Violet Hologram Effect, a lovely lavender shade of purple polish with a strong linear hologram effect.


Apparently hologram polishes are tricky to apply.  I obviously got it wrong.  I tried to apply the polish to a basecoat I had used in the past with some of my OPI DS polishes.  It didn’t work.  If you look really closely at the picture above you can see bald spots where the polish didn’t grab the nail.  Hologram polish needs “teeth” to grab onto to make the polish adhere to the surface of the finger nail.  To create the “teeth” on your nails, buff the nail real well before applying the polish. 


I managed to get two coats of polish on my nails but not without some issues.  As I understand it, it is necessary to “sandwich” your holo polish when applying.  I’m not real sure what that means, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t mean to make and eat a turkey club on white toast between coats.  So, uhm, if you know what sandwiching means could you explain it to me?


To topcoat or not….that is the ultimate question when it comes to hologram polishes.  I have heard it said that applying a topcoat to a hologram polish will dull the effect of the polish.  On the other hand I have heard that applying a coat of Sally Hansen’s  Diamond Coat Topcoat will not dull the holo effect.  Since I did not have any of the Sally Hansen topcoat I opted for no top coat and although I prefer my nail polish to have a smooth glassy feel to it I went without a top coat.  Needless to say tip wear was evident after wearing it for only one day, but because it was so pretty I left on to enjoy the pretty rainbows.


  1. GREAT post!!! Although I still feel a little reluctant to try the Layla holos myself. I love the way that the OPI DS holos and the Jade holos apply - no fuss, no special preparation, no fuss. Layla DOES make a killer holo, though. Gorgeous on you!!

    Oh, and doesn't sandwiching mean a layer of topcoat in between the layers of holo? I could be wrong!

  2. I love it! It's so beautiful on you...I have used the sandwiching method with these which is a base of Layla, one coat of top coat then another coat of Layla and it seemed to wear awesomely <3

  3. Yes, sandwiching just means a coat of the holo, a coat of top coat, and then another coat of the holo. Since holos are so fragile & chip so easily this helps give them some durability without dulling the holo effect by putting the top coat on top.

    But I would try adding the top coat on top as well & see what you think. Maybe try it out once it's chipped & you are about to remove it if you are worried about it and then you'll know for the next time. I've seen plenty of people say they added top coat (various kinds) & didn't notice a difference & Layla has a very strong holo.

  4. Beautiful! I had problems with application too. I will try the "sandwich" method next time as well. In the meantime I now want a turkey club thanks to your post! I know what I'm having for lunch..LOL

  5. What a fabulous polish--especially to get as a present! The colour and holo-shine are just amazing. ^_^