Saturday, November 5, 2011

It’s Beginning to FEEL a Lot Like Winter


Official Press Release:
FEEL Beautiful!Every season the color experts at Zoya create dozens of new color collection options. This year, one of those “secret collections” just had to be seen now rather than later. FEEL by Zoya Nail Polish delivers six new, highly pigmented, full coverge neutrals for right now!

Zoya FEEL CollectionKristen (ZP591): Full coverage, gull gray cream
Carey (ZP592): Full coverage, periwinkle gray cream
Megan (ZP593): Full coverage, taupe gray cream
Kendal (ZP594): Full coverage, rose quartz beige cream
Kennedy (ZP595): Full coverage, pale french beige cream
Avery (ZP596): Full coverage, blonde beige cream

I know that most of you saw this earlier this week, but I wanted to share it with you, too. The reason I wanted to share it with you is because I heard a lot of rumblings on the interweb that this collection lacked the pizzazz of say, Wet N Wild Ice Baby, OPI’s Muppet collection or Color Club’s Mistletoe collection. (Do you see a theme here?)

Once the glitz and sparkle of the Christmas season dies down, what you are left with are the unique, muted colors of winter.  Think about what the sky looks like at sunset on a a winters day after a snowfall.  That is Kennedy.  Megan is fresh fallen snow, because let’s face it, snow isn’t a true white.  And a blizzard sky is without a doubt represented by Kristen.  Zoya is bringing out the beauty in what is otherwise considered a drab season, the FEEL of winter.

In honor of Zoya’s new collection I am going to share with you my only (for the time being) Zoya polish, Marley.

marley 1

Marley is a lovely muted lavender crème polish with grey undertones.  I got more compliments while wearing this polish. I really didn’t think I would like this color, but the longer I wore it the happier it made me feel.

Marley 2

For those of you who have tried Zoya polish you already know that the formula is impeccable.  I was afraid of brush stroke marks as it went on but it evened out so nicely on my nails. I wore Marley for a couple days without any chipping.

I love Zoya Marley!  And I cannot wait to add even more Zoya polishes to my collection.  I am sure there will be one or two from the FEEL collection in my future.

Brand                                  ZOYA 
Name                                   Marley
Polish Type                          Crème
Number of Coats                       2
Color                                         4
color scale of 1 to 4
                   1 – utter crud
                   2 – not so great
                   3 – pretty but…
                   4 – Lovin’ It
Wear                                          4                     
wear scale of 1 to 4
                    1 – chippy, chip, chip
                    2 – don’t wash dishes in this
                    3 – lasted longer than my deodorant
                    4 -  Only super glue is stronger


  1. Love the look of Carey (the grey) - can't wait to see swatches. :o)

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